Andrew Westgard Fun Is Good Intern

Andrew Westgard

Fun Is Good Intern

Andrew Westgard attends the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire where he will major in Integrated Strategic Communication with an emphasis on marketing, as well as minor in entrepreneurial management. 

His dream is to own his own advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City!  He believes deeply in the Fun Is Good philosophy and is learning from both successes and failures.  He’s tried unsuccessfully in the past to start various online companies such as selling screen protectors and phone cases on Amazon. Unfortunately, his previous ventures have failed, but that does not mean he’s giving up, or slowing down! 

While he’s not in class or working at Fun Is Good, he spends his time at a variety of part-time jobs that are helping him acquire skills that are necessary to manage a fun, creative and successful company someday.  Andrew is an avid reader and thinks everyone should read these books:

  • Another Boring, Derivative Piece of Crap Business Book by Mike Veeck and Allen Fahden
  • Start With Why and Together Is Better both by Simon Sinek