Fran Zeuli Co-Founder & CFO (Chief FUN Officer, Fun Is Good)

Fran Zeuli

Co-Founder & CFO (Chief FUN Officer), Fun Is Good

Fran survived 30 years in corporate business but lived to share stories of successes and failures.  Sadly, he still uses business buzz words like “synergy”, “out-of-pocket” and “in synch”.  (Not a reference to a ’90’’s pop band.)

Recognized as an innovative, performance-driven senior leader, Fran has a successful track record of exceeding sales, customer care and employee satisfaction goals in multiple large corporations, including Comcast, AT&T, Adelphia and MediaOne.  He is skilled at designing and implementing actionable, strategic initiatives across all levels of an organization.

Fran has successfully lead teams going through leadership departures, national branding initiatives, major department redesigns, office closures and even bankruptcy.  So how can he have a sense of humor after all that time spent in “Corporate America”?  Well, he now understands that it’s all about respect, communication and engagement!  And with all his experience in change and transition, Fran has seen firsthand that it’s critical we have fun and are passionate about what we do. . . professionally and personally.  Oh, and Fran also excels in making mistakes, both at work and leisure, with his brief foray into stand-up comedy being a good example.  (Ouch) But he loves to learn from these mistakes, have fun and try to get better in the process!

With the dream of bringing this great message of fun and passion to companies across the country, Fran co-created the employee engagement consulting firm, Fun Is Good.  Through innovative and interactive seminars, speeches and training sessions, Fran and the Fun Is Good team work with organizations to help uncover their strengths (individual and company-wide) to drive workplace passion.  The result – a fun, engaged and profitable environment.  An accomplished speaker that shares these messages in companies, conferences and college classrooms Fran is passionate that the principles of Fun Is Good will help transform any size organization into an engaged, customer caring and profitable team.

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